LG G4 Free Credit Card Reader

LG G4 Credit Card Reader
To obtain your free credit card reader for your LG G4 smartphone, simply tap the image above to connect with your smartphone device and then press 1 at the main menu. Tell the Rep. at Intuit QuickBooks once you are on the line to connect you to the Merchant Services Department so that you can respond to the current offer for a free LG G4 credit card reader. YOu can also manually dial the toll free telephone number of 877-590-1467 and press 1 from any telephone in the USA for free.

For Usage Fees and Rates Click Here

LG’s got an excellent all-around smartphone on its hands here and now it’s even better now that you can get yourself a free credit card reader from the folks at Intuit QuickBooks to go with it. It’s fast, the camera’s better than ever, the software continues to improve. Most importantly, it works beautifully with the Intuit QuickBooks FREE Credit Card Reader. Just pick up your phone and call the toll free phone number of 877-590-1467 and then press 1. It’s important that you not forget to press the 1 after it picks up or you might end up at the wrong Department. Then just tell the Intuit QuickBooks rep you ant to get connected to Merchant Services to take advantage of the free credit card reader offer for your LG G4 smartphone. It is that easy!

LG G4 Free Credit Card Reader

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